Human Resources

The Peach County Human Resources Department serves active employees, retirees and the public with all issues concerning county employment, benefits, and salaries. This department also seeks to attract, develop and retain the highest quality workforce to meet the needs of the residents of Peach County.

In doing so, HR respects the dignity and diversity of all individuals, acts with integrity and honesty in its work, complies with state and federal laws, and maintains total confidentiality with information accepted in trust. The HR staff ensues equitable, professional and legal application of the policies and procedures for county employees, and use technology and methods which enhance services, communication and production.

Peach County a positive work environment and values the knowledge, talents, skills and abilities of employees as they work toward accomplishing the county’s mission. With approximately 250 full and part time employees, this department is responsible for benefits, personnel records, personnel policy and development, classification and compensation, training and development, employee relations, recruitment, employee recognition, and workers compensation.

Peach County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.